Know About kirisun Digital Two-way Radio Through This Post

Know About kirisun Digital Two-way Radio Through This Post

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Greetings from Foshan Kehosi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, your superior destination for top-notch communication solutions. As a leading supplier of wholesale communication equipment, we take pride in pioneering technology and innovation that redefine the standards of the industry. On this day, we would love to introduce our exclusive product which is none other than kirisun Digital Two-way Radio.

In this article, we will explain everything related to digital two-way radio including the specifications of kirisun’s digital two-way radio that make this product special from the other. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

What is kirisun digital two-way radio?

kirisun digital two-way radio has emerged as a beacon of advancement in the field of radio communication. As the name suggests, the radios that operate digitally are called digital two-way radios. Developed by an exclusive company; kirisun, this advanced technology is superior as compared to related products.

Also known as digital walkie-talkie or digital radio, it helps in transmitting and receiving signals over limited distances. Binary codes including 1 and 0 are used in digital two-way radios which makes them special as compared to analog radios.

How does digital two-way radio work?

We all know about two-way radios and their ability to coordinate communication instantly. But are aware of all the extra capabilities of radio. Conventional analog radio sends out modulated audio signals on specific radio frequencies to each other generating a radio frequency signal and overlying your voice on top of it.

These radio frequencies for years have carried one voice for one radio channel. By leveraging today’s digital radio technology or DMR (DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio). We do a conversion process in the radio that takes your voice and radio frequency and digitizes it. Once a signal is digitized, it becomes data similar to the data on your computer. This radio frequency can then be manipulated through radios.

Enhancement includes gaining a second talk path on the same frequency using TDMA or time division multiple access. And better clarity of audio versus the scratchy audio we used to hear when getting further away from the transmitter. In short, the simple explanation related to the working of digital two-way radio is listed hereunder:

1.Digitizing voice signal

What are the major systems that can be equipped with digital two-way radios?

There are 5 major systems with these high-tech digital two-way radios.

1.A conventional radio system is the most basic system you can use when working over small distances. Usually, these systems are for a single place with a small number of users (around 1 to 150)

2.The IP site connects to the radio system, this system works for the same amount of people as the previous system. But it uses systems in different locations connected over the customer’s existing data network working as a bridge to take in smaller signals and launch them across large distances. This allows the system to stretch over different locations miles apart.

But what if your company has over 100 people? A capacity-plus system takes a group of repeaters and links them to work as a functional unit. This linking of repeaters allows them to communicate together over a local network. And enhance the performance of the system by becoming a traffic cop on the amount of users accessing the system.

When a user wants to access their system and it is being tied up by another user, then this system sends them to another available channel thus sharing resources. Depending on the number of repeaters linked together at a single site will help in determining the number of users and their respective talk groups that the company can have.

3.A linked capacity plus or multi-side capacity plus allows for those large customers to now connect their large systems over multiple sites that are miles apart. Similar to the IP site connect radio system, the link capacity plus does the same but with greater capacity.

4.Capacity max is for those users or cooperations with a multitude of sites and thousands of users. Capacity max offers a wide area with high capacity.

5.The mobile radio system is capable of providing the widest coverage with the most users. These digital radios also have integrated data applications such as GPS tracking, work order management, etc.

How kirisun digital two-way radios are different from traditional analog radios?

kirisun digital two-way radios differ from traditional analog radios in several ways. In this section we will discuss the  main points in detail:

1.Signal Transmission:

Analog radios send and receive information utilizing continuous radio waves. On the other hand, kirisun digital two-way radios convert voice and data into binary code for communication. Digital radios offer reliable and clear transmission.

2.Audio Quality:

kirisun digital two-way radios provide enhanced audio quality as compared to traditional radios. You can enjoy clearer voice transmission, reduced background noise, and minimal distortion via our kirisun digital two-way radio.

Analog radios may suffer from interference, static, and signal degradation, leading to poorer audio quality.


Digital two-way radios entertain their users with encryption features. This step is important for secure communication and protection against spying and unofficial access.

On the other hand, analog radios send information in simple text, making them exposed to interruption and monitoring by unauthorized users.

4.Channel Capacity:

Digital two-way radios use highly efficient spectrum utilization techniques, such as Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) or Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA). This allows multiple conversations on the same frequency channel.

However, analog radios are limited to one conversation per channel

5.Battery Life:

kirisun digital two-way radios are generally more energy-saving than analog radios, resulting in prolonged battery life and extended operational time.

6.Features and Functionality:

Digital two-way radios offer advanced features and functionalities. These include text messaging, GPS tracking, emergency alerts, telemetry data transmission, and integration with other digital systems.

Analog radios typically have limited features and capabilities, primarily focusing on voice communication.

Overall, kirisun digital two-way radios provide superior performance, enhanced security, more efficient spectrum utilization, longer battery life, advanced features, and interoperability benefits compared to traditional analog radios, making them the preferred choice for many professional users and industries.

Specifications of kirisun digital two-way radio:

Our kirisun digital two-way radio is equipped with numerous exclusive features. Some are listed hereunder:

1.Frequency range: The frequency range of our kirisun digital two-way radio lies between 400 to 470 Mhz.

2.Zone Capacity is 16: This refers to the number of zones or groups of channels that the radio can store. Having 16 zones allows for efficient organization and access to different sets of channels for various purposes or locations.

3.Battery Capacity: The battery capacity of kirisun is 2000 mAh. A higher capacity battery generally means longer operating time between charges.

4.Analog, Digital, and Mixed Modes: The radio supports different modes of operation. These include analog and digital. Mixed mode allows compatibility with both analog and digital systems.

5.Stylish Design with Metal Frame and OLED Display: The radio features a visually appealing design with a metal frame for durability and an OLED display for clear and vibrant visual feedback, making it easy to read in various lighting conditions.

6.DMO Support: kirisun digital two-way radio supports Direct Mode Operation (DMO). DMO enables communication between radios without the need for a base station or repeater, facilitating direct communication in areas with limited or no network coverage.

7.V8 and V9 Version Support Features: Different versions of the radio support features such as radio check (to verify if other radios are operational), call alert (to notify users of incoming calls), radio kill (to remotely deactivate lost or stolen radios), and remote monitor (to listen to ongoing conversations discreetly).

8.Multiple Emergency Alarm Modes: The radio supports multiple modes for triggering emergency alarms, allowing users to quickly summon assistance or notify others of urgent situations.

9.Support for ARC 40-bit Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 40-bit key length provides secure communication by encrypting transmitted data, preventing unauthorized interception or eavesdropping.

10.Support Roaming: Roaming capability allows the radio to seamlessly switch between different base stations or networks while maintaining continuous communication, ideal for users who move between coverage areas.

11.Programmable Keys for Easy Installation: The radio features programmable keys that can be customized to perform specific functions, making it easy to adjust the radio to your choice and operational needs.

Applications of kirisun digital two-way radio:

It is a communication equipment to improve work efficiency as well as ensure work safety. kirisun digital two-way radio can be widely used in industrial and commercial settings, transportation sectors, and public safety including firefighters, police, and emergency medical services. Moreover, they are widely employed in government emergencies, parking, outdoor activities, manufacturing and warehousing, hospitality and event management, etc.

Why buy kirisun digital two-way radio from Foshan?

There are more than enough reasons that you should buy digital radios from us. As a professional company, we have established cooperation with various reputable companies. Our cooperative partners include Motorola, ICOM, Hytera, Kirisun, etc. Our professional and experienced technical team provides the best quality and cooperation services as per your requirements.

With 20+ years of experience and more than hundreds of happy clients across the globe, we have satisfied every need of our clients related to communication equipment.  Besides supplying two-way radios, we also deal with base station repeaters, video recorders, vehicle two-way radios, etc. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get a quote on your desired product now.

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