KIRISUN DP990 digital two-way radio

  • 1.8” Graphic Dot-matrix True Color Display
  • Rugged&Reliable
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Further Development Port
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Integrated Bluetooth(Optional)
  • GPS Localization (Optional)
  • Versatile Voice Calls
  • Secure Communication
  • Multiple Analog Signaling Modes
  • Migrate at Your Own Pace
  • Vibration
  • Versatile Data & Emergency Services
  • Pseudo Trunk
  • DMR Tier3 and MPT Working Mode(Optional)


A full key-pad and display professional and versatile DMR portable radio. Trunking capable.


DP990 reserves option board interfaces to radio for any third-party partner to further develop desired functions (such as record, encryption). The option board can be assembled on aluminum shell without disassembled the radio.


DP990 provides basic and enhanced encryption capability, including ARC4, DES, and 256 bits AES encryption algorithm. It ensures the secure communication on voice call and data transfer between the team members.


Keeping the current communication system running during the migration from analogue to digital is vital to any business, the DP990 operates in both analogue and digital mode, that allows the change at your own pace.



Including a Kirisun DP990 Two Way Radio, power cord, stand, keyless hand microphone, you can also choose to write frequency cable.

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