MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions help you by putting the power of digital communications within your reach. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO combines the best of radio transceiver functionality with the latest in digital technology. The DEP550e series radios offer the highest quality audio in a scalable solution to meet your communication needs. Since they’re also interoperable with analog systems, you’ll be able to transition to digital at your own pace and on your budget.
The DEP550e Series radios redesign your workplace and the way your people collaborate, helping you achieve greater productivity, safety and profitability.

If we talk about exceptional sound clarity, the quality
of digital is undeniable. With Series laptops DEP550e you get digital quality throughout your area of coverage, plus unique features that will help your employees to hear and speak clearly, wherever that work. With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume is adjusted automatically to compensate for background noise. Now workers don’t have to adjust their volume of radio to avoid losing calls in situations of noise or not to disturb other people when they pass for quiet places. The increased suppression of the background noise filters out unwanted external noise, from the rumble of forklifts to the hum of traffic on the road. And IMPRES™ audio accessories increase noise suppression and improve intelligibility of voice for smarter sound than ever before I had seen before.

Maintain smooth operations for a period of time change in the communication system is vital to your company. It is easy to migrate to digital because the radios of the DEP550e series operate in analog and digital mode, while that the mixed dynamic mode repeater functionality streamlines automatic switching between analog calls and digital. So you can start using the radios and MOTOTRBO repeaters in your current analog system and, When time and budget allow, move on to digital at your own pace.

Since the DEP550e series uses TDMA digital technology,offers twice the calling capacity, plus clearer voice communications. As for the battery performance, these radios last up to 40 percent longer between recharges, compared with the analog system. In fact, leading technology IMPRES™ in our batteries, chargers and accessories audio also ensures a longer talk time longer and clearer sound. The DEP550e series offers numerous functions so that the workers can be more efficient. the voice announcement provides audible confirmation so you can notify them channel or zone changes, as well as functions of programmable buttons, without having to see the screen of the radio. The user-friendly display and menu make the use of the radio is intuitive so they can focus at work, from the receptionist of a hotel that confirms rooms up to security covering a sporting event.

Your employees work hard every day, directing the drivers back home safely, unloading deliveries, checking inventory and verifying that the guests are fine. That is why he will know how to value the simple flexibility and scalability of the DEP550e series, which is adapts to your changing circumstances and your area of coverage. All it takes is a simple update software to add key features such as enhanced privacy encryption or the package of interruption of transmissions to give priority to the vital communications just when needed. And when you want to increase coverage or capacity, a DEP550e series upgrade will enable IP Site Connect, which significantly improves service customer service and productivity by using the Internet to increase coverage and create a wide-reaching network, improve coverage in one location or link locations geographically separated. Or update to the link in a Single Capacity Plus site to increase capacity to more than 1,000 users. Linked Capacity Plus combines the increased capacity of Capacity Plus with coverage range of IP Site Connect, offering a multi-site link solution, with high capacity, wide range and great profitability. So yes want to increase coverage on a single site or if you want do it in multiple locations, the XPR3300e series will fits your business and your budget.

The DEP550e series meets the highest specifications demanding, including IP55 waterproof standard and US Military Spec 810 C, D, E, F and G. DEP550e radios come with a warranty 2-year standard and a 1-year battery warranty and the accessories. In addition, our Service from the Start provides peace of mind for several years with times of fast repairs, telephone technical support and access to the latest software updates1; all this backed by the global infrastructure of integrated services of Motorola, its highly trained support technicians and your certified repair facility

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