MOTOROLA MXP600 Mission-Critical TETRA Portable Radio

Frontline safety, today and tomorrow

MXP600 benefits from innovative audio technology, LMR and Wi-Fi Over-the-Air Programming, HD voice ready-hardware and Bluetooth® 5.0 for a leading-edge user experience today and ready for mission-critical communications tomorrow.

                           Frontline safety today and tomorrow with MXP600 mission critical TETRA portable radio

Mission-Critical TETRA radio

MXP600 takes on the challenges of the front line, keeping your personnel safe while they deal with the safety of others. It has innovative audio technology to hear and be heard in the noisiest of conditions. It delivers best-in-class coverage so vital messages get through. Its rugged design copes with extreme environments, and its extended battery life outlasts a shift. MXP600 helps equip your frontline staff efficiently and effectively get the job done.

Compact yet easy to use

The smallest Class 3 capable TETRA radio we’ve ever made, MXP600 still has a full keypad, large 2.4 inch screen and a user-friendly, intuitive interface that puts information at your users fingertips. Three programmable side buttons provide access to frequently used functions; the emergency button is large and easy to operate, yet well protected from accidental activation; and there’s a tactile glove-friendly Push-to-talk (PTT) that allows easy communication on the job.


Future-proof through collaboration

With more and more professional users carrying both a smartphone and a radio, we worked with customers to develop solutions around MXP600 that suit the modern way of working. We’ve designed the MXP600 portable two-way radio with features that you can take advantage of today such as Bluetooth 5.0 and Near-Field Communication (NFC) that enable rich and secure collaboration, as well as features for tomorrow such as High Definition (HD) voice hardware.


Designed for low total cost of ownership

MXP600 helps reduce your total cost of ownership by streamlining expensive and time-consuming radio management chores with Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) to become lightning fast and cost effective. With an intuitive and familiar look and feel your users can get up and running quickly and easily with minimal training. And the MXP600 radio protects your existing investment by enabling you to reuse many of the Motorola Solutions TETRA portable radio chargers and accessories you already have.


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