MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO portable two-way radio XiR P8668i

With this dynamically evolving series of MOTOTRBO digital walkie-talkies, you can communicate more securely and better, ensuring greater efficiency. The XiR P8668i explosion-proof digital walkie-talkie is designed for professionals who don’t want to settle. These next-generation walkie-talkies provide high-performance integrated voice and data, enabling advanced features for efficient operation and providing your company with unobstructed communication services.


• The integrated accelerometer provides an optional Man Down function

• Bluetooth ® 4.0

• Indoor positioning

• GPS in multiple satellite systems improves positioning accuracy

• Integrated Wi-Fi

• Over-the-Air software update

• Improved audio quality

• Improved scalability

• Longer battery life (up to 28 hours)

• Wider coverage

• Better dust and water resistance (up to IP68)


Connection capability

The MOTOTRBO XiR P8668i is a product family of DMR standard digital walkie-talkies that provide operationally critical voice and communications support. Bluetooth ® audio lets you talk wirelessly, integrated Wi-Fi supports remote software updates, and indoor and outdoor location capabilities keep resources at your disposal. With support for clustering and traditional simulation technologies, you can ensure that your business continues to grow while maintaining excellent communication capabilities.



Responsive, one-touch technology helps you keep your employees safe. The conspicuous orange panic button on the XiR P8668i explosion-proof digital walkie-talkie supports one-click help and, if necessary, uses a forced transmission interrupt to eliminate channel interference. When you fall, the integrated accelerometer senses and initiates a call for help. The walkie-talkie has passed the strict military standard test, and the dustproof and waterproof performance has reached IP68 level.



Text messaging and work orders simplify complex communications, while data capabilities support advanced applications. These walkie-talkies are equipped with powerful audio amplifiers and industrial noise cancellation to significantly improve clarity and ensure loud, clear speech for both parties on the phone. New energy technology offers a battery option that can last up to 28 hours for three shifts, while better receiver performance also extends communication range.



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