General specification
Frequency band: VHF:136-174MHz; UHF:350-400MHz,400-470MHz
Channel capacity: 256 channels (16 partition x16 channels)
Channel interval: Analog :12.5KHz /20KHz /25KHz Digital :12.5KHz
Battery (standard configuration) : DC7.4V Earth 20%2000mAh lithium battery
Battery working time: Analog/digital :18/20 hours
Volume (width x height x thickness) : 116mm*54mm*32mm(not including antenna)
Weight: < 280g (including battery, back clip, antenna)

Product overview DP405 digital handheld walkie-talkie conforms to the standard DMR protocol and the standard specifications of ETSI-TS102361-1,-23, supports Tier1 and Tier2 modes, is compatible with other DMR terminals, supports digital and analog dual modes, and can realize the smooth transition of analog system. At the same time, it can form a series of digital Yutong communication system solutions with Collicom DMR digital Repeaters and cutting stations, etc., to meet the needs of communication applications in different industries with higher cost performance and richer functions. Main function

1 The use of advanced rate-band digital speech coding technology and digital error correction technology coupled with large cavity design, even in noisy environments, can also obtain clear and loud voice quality.

2 Support DMR protocol Tier 1 and Tier 2 mode, compatible with other DMR terminals, support digital and analog dual mode, analog system smooth

3 Support intercom detection, remote death, activation (decoding) and remote monitoring (decoding) service functions.

4 Using TDMA dual-slot technology, under the same bandwidth, the call capacity is doubled, which greatly alleviates the pressure of the increasing shortage of spectrum resources, but also saves the investment of equipment, and supports the simultaneous communication of 2 devices under one relay.

5 Supports multiple call modes, including single call, group call, and broadcast call.

6 Provides tens of thousands of 40-digit encryption technology to protect the user's call content from eavesdropping.

7 Support color code monitoring function, only the same color code machines can interoperate. Used on a relay system with a color code, signals with different color codes will be rejected for relaying to prevent foreign signals from entering.

8 Support digital-analog hybrid scanning, dual-priority channel scanning mode, to meet different application requirements,

9 Support regular and private alarm modes to achieve more

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