The Motorola PMNN4493 is an IMPRES Low Volt Hi-Cap Li-ion, 3,000 mAh battery designed for professional-tier two way radios and is fully submersible with an IP68 rating. This high capacity battery will give you 25+ hours of talk time when paired with MOTOTRBO Enhanced Series Radios (XPR series).

Motorola Original batteries are designed to be high-performance and to be as reliable as your radio, and Li-Ion batteries offer extended duty cycles, providing reliable communication with higher capacity in a lightweight, slim package.


The technology driving an IMPRES battery is truly remarkable. When used with an IMPRES charger, an IMPRES battery provides automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display, and other advanced features. Data is AUTOMATICALLY stored in the battery and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES communication protocol designed for optimizing battery cycle life and maximizing talk time. Automated maintenance? No problem, this battery works for YOU.


The PMNN4493 Motorola Original® Battery is designed for XPR 3000e and 7000e radios, and also fits APX900 series radios.

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