ABELL AM780T Mobile Two-Way Radio

  • TDMA, 2 slots in direct mode
  • 1600 channel 100 zone
  • 2.0″ large LCD display
  • Phone dial by DTMF via ABELLDMR repeater
  • Roaming
  • GPS/ Beidou (optional)

1600 channels (100 regions, 32 channels per region) Large capacity memory, can store 1600 channels, regional capacity of 100, 32 channels per region, to meet the needs of commercial users.

DMR standard, direct mode dual-slot communication technology, efficiency doubling direct mode dual-slot communication, to achieve two groups of calls in one frequency at the same time, so that the communication efficiency doubled, one frequency two groups of calls for users to save frequency application and use costs. Dual-slot communication ensures real-time smooth communication at the peak of service.

The analog digital dual system supports both digital and analog modes, which can be compatible with the existing conventional analog system and ensure the smooth transition from analog products to digital products.

Digital voice, clear and loud advanced narrowband voice codec technology and digital error correction technology, whether you are in a noisy environment or at the edge of coverage, you can get clear voice, maintain efficient communication, sound clear and loud, so that you can easily keep communication smooth.

Channel switchover lock After channel switchover lock is enabled, channels cannot be switched at will. This prevents the channel switchover button from being triggered by mistake.

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